Sustainability is based on reducing the impacts that companies can make on the climate.

There are 3 forms of sustainability, social, environmental and economic:


We at Vikingegaarden A/S cares a lot about how our employees feel. Great consideration is given to the needs of the individual employee. People are not discriminated against, we have e.g. an employee who is a wheelchair user. Therefore, it has been taken into account that the person has a helper with them, and disabled access has been made to the various places in the company.

Consideration is also given if you cannot mentally plan to come to the office, as there are good opportunities to work at home.

There are company events to strengthen the community and you can get to know your colleagues better.


We make sure to look after the earth. So the products we make do not harm the planet and nature in any way. We do our best to create the best possible future for both the environment and people.


Here it is important that the products we produce are affordable – also in the long term. It is important to us to deliver durable products with high quality. Our products can be a little more expensive when purchased, but much cheaper over time because the products have a long lifespan.

Focus areas

That our products have a long life. We have GSM units and products that were delivered over 22 years ago and are still in operation. This means that you do not have to go out and invest in new products often. This protects both the economy and the climate.

That our IoT and Cloud based products can be kept up to date and follow technological developments. This allows the software in the products to be kept up-to-date as if it had been delivered yesterday. The depreciation on our products can therefore be significantly extended.

To choose sustainable suppliers who deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Environmental policy
We at Vikingegaarden A/S strives to reduce our impact on the environment.

We do this by reducing our consumption of paper, electricity and water, and we choose environmentally friendly delivery of our products to customers.

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