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We have the strongest supply in beacons – from Mole beacon, Angle beacons and Radar beacons.

As an exclusive dealer of Sabik’s fire solutions, we can offer a wide selection of fixed lanterns (beacons) for a variety of purposes and ranges:

  • Mole beacons
  • Angle beacons (Port Entry Light)
  • Lighthouses
  • Radar beacons

Mole beacons

Fixed Lanterns for entry into ports for short and long range. Options for mole beacons include both Self Contained lanterns (with solar cells and built- in battery) and the light component alone. Almost all of our mole beacons can incorporate GPS-synchronization and advanced connection solutions such as remote surveillance and control.

Angle beacons

Here we can offer probably the market’s most powerful and flexible angle burner or PEL (Port Entry Light) with everything from 2 light cannons all the way up to 7 light cannons, and a range up to 26NM(night) and 6.2NM (day), if needed. Innovative design in lightweight aluminum construction of marine quality makes the unit light and easy to handle.

Radar beacons

HEKLEO-SX is a frequency agile Racon, designed to measure the frequency of each incoming radar pulse and send a Morse code response back to the radar at that specific frequency. It operates on both the S and X bands, giving navigating ships invaluable assistance in all weather conditions. It is compliant with IMO regulations and IALA Recommendation R-101.

With Sabik Marine beacon solutions you get:

  • 10 years durability
  • Approved by DMA
  • Compact and innovative design
  • Light weight constructions
  • No maintenance
  • Designed and built for Arctic conditions


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