Vikingegaarden A/S

Sustainability is based on reducing the effects companies have on the environment.    


There are 3 kinds of sustainability, social, environment and financial: 

Social: We at Vikingegaarden A/S are very aware of our employee’s wellbeing. Great consideration is given to the needs of the individual employee. There is no discrimination, for example, one of our employees is a wheelchair user. Therefore, it has been taken into account that the person has an assistant with them, and accessibility to the various places in the company has been made. 

The opportunity to work from home some of the workdays have been offered, as many of the tasks are online and can be done at a home office.

Company events are held to strengthen the community and for the coworkers to get to know each other better.    

Environment: We are aware of looking after our earth. This means that the products we make have minimal impact on the planet and nature. This ensures the best probable future for both the environment and people living here. 

Economy: This is to ensure the economy. It is important that the products we make are price friendly – also in the long run. Because you can make slightly more expensive products, but they have a much longer lifespan, the products are cheaper than others in the long term.




To have products that are still in use more than 20 years of use. This ensures that you do not have to in new products often, while also sparring the environment and economy. We update our software, so that that is new but in a 20-year-old shell.  

To have long-lasting products that can be updated often, you can prolong the time of use of them, while still having the fill of an up-to-date product.  

To choose sustainable suppliers, to ensure that our customers get the best solutions.