There are several reasons to choose intelligent access control:

  • Increased security: Intelligent access control uses advanced authentication methods such as biometric recognition, making it harder for unauthorized people to gain access. This increases security and protects sensitive areas from intrusion.
  • Efficiency and convenience: Intelligent access control automates access processes, making them faster and more efficient. Users can easily and conveniently gain access using authentication methods such as fingerprints or facial recognition without having to carry around access cards or keys.
  • Monitoring and control: By analyzing and processing data in real time, intelligent access control can monitor behavior patterns and identify suspicious activity. This makes it possible to take quick measures and prevent potential security threats.
  • Integration and flexibility: Intelligent access control systems can be integrated with other security systems such as video surveillance, alarm and access registration. This allows for a comprehensive and effective security infrastructure.
  • Scalability and customization: Intelligent access control can be adapted to different needs and environments. It can be easily extended or adapted to meet changes in business needs or security requirements.
  • Overall, intelligent access control helps create a more secure, efficient and convenient access experience and protects key areas from unauthorized access.