Vikingegaarden A/S

Climate and sustainability

= digitisation and long-term solutions


Ports and companies can put climate and sustainability in the centre together with customers and employees with IoT solutions from Vikingegaarden A/S.

Vikingegaarden A/S offers ports and companies an IoT system called ProPower for data collection of electricity, water and heat consumption in the quay area, in buildings and decentralised construction equipment. The IoT system provides continuous information on consumption and operating status to both customers and employees.

For customers, a ProPower solution means insight into ongoing consumption – customers can track consumption from an app and receive an SMS receipt after using the supply stand. It gives customers an insight into how much energy is used on activities while berthing.

It has been experienced at a port that raising awareness of electricity consumption on the quay puts behavioural regulation in energy consumption to reduce expenditure.

It allows ports and companies to involve their customers in their CSR policy, where customers are continuously informed about current consumption on which customers can act upon on the go.

For ports and businesses, a ProPower solution means sustainable solutions with components only from dependable manufacturers and brands. Solutions are produced and delivered ready for commissioning upon delivery in close cooperation with established partners.

This means that ports and companies get sustainable, long-life solutions with minimal maintenance costs over a long period of time. Vikingegaarden A/S is constantly developing the ProPower system, where existing solutions can be upgraded to the latest version which further extends the life.

Enabler for sustainable IoT solutions

ProPower solution is a powerful tool for materialising your CSR strategy. The possibilities are widely available for ports and companies to act on climate policy, sustainability policy, customer and employee involvement. Enablers for sustainable solutions can be the following self-serviced and long-lasting ProPower equipment:

  • ServicePedestal: Supply pedestals with CEE sockets 16A/32A/63A/125A, 230V/400V and Powerlock 350A/400V.
  • ShoreSupply: Shore power for larger vessels with outlets from 250A/420A/800A, 400V/440V/480V/660V/690V, 50Hz/60Hz.
  • SmartCharge: Electric charging stands for hybrid and electric cars for Type 2, 22kW, 16-32A.
  • EnergyLogger: Intelligent control and data logger of electricity, water and heat in fixed installations.
  • WaterStation: Water stations such as a cabinet above ground or a well for underground installation.
  • OnSiteLight: Street and are lighting with DALI control.
  • NaviLight: GPS tracking and monitoring of buoys and lanterns.
  • GateKeeper: Access control at gates and carousels.

Digitisation partner with green profile

Ports and companies will have a digitisation partner in the company Vikingegaarden A/S that has high focus on sustainability and climate. Also, there is a major focus on conservation of forest areas as the company works towards paperless office. The reason why the company have launched online documentation system called SCIOSS.