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Need help?Need help?

We can always help you with your product from Vikingegaarden A/S. Within office hours, you can get help with either No-Charge Service or Support. If you need help outside office hours, then Hotline is your choice of service.

No-Charge service

No-Charge Service is for you with inquiries regarding:

  • Case of warranty.
  • Claims.
  • Questions.
  • Introduction of products and VMS Cloud.

No-Charge service: Send us a message to or call on +45 75 803 960.


Support is a service within office hours regarding:

  • Troubleshooting.
  • Help to mounting, make settings and commissioning.

Support is charged per commenced 1/2 hour. You will be informed before any charged service begins.

Hourly rate is €92.- ex. VAT.

Support service: Send us a message to or call on +45 75 803 960.


Hotline is a service outside office hours regarding:

  • Urgent matters.
  • Breakdown.

Support is charged per commenced 1/2 hour. Charged service begins when the call is answered.

Minimum charging is an hour.

Hourly rate is €248.- ex. VAT.

Hotline service: Call on +45 75 803 961.

Online help

Vikingegaarden A/S has initiated moving al user guides and technical information on products and solutions to online help in order to utilise the full potential of systems.

Therefore, Vikingegaarden A/S is now introducing a new electronic help system called SCIOSS.

Partner Portal

Customers and partners get easy access to documentation for IoT equipment from Vikingegaarden A/S. All documentation is centralised electronically, giving customers and partners access to fully updated documentation any time. It only requires a user login, where customers and partners can request a login on Partner Portal.


It is of our concern that you are satisfied using our products and services. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to send us your feedback to