Product: Floating concrete pontoons with wood

Premium floating concrete pontoons with wood: Where Design Meets Durability

Discover durable floating concrete pontoons with wooden deck, built to last 25-50 years. The stunning design complements any waterfront, while flexibility allows for easy extensions. Enjoy both beauty and longevity with minimal maintenance.

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The steps of selecting the perfect pontoons can be both exciting and daunting. To go through this process effectively, specific aspects must be taken into account in order to build the ideal pontoon.

Start by assessing requirements and the environment where the concrete floating pontoon construction will be installed. It is important to consider factors such as the type of waterfront—be it a serene lake, a bustling harbor, or a private marina.

Evaluate the intended purpose of the pontoons, whether it’s for personal use, commercial operations, or recreational activities. Understanding these essential elements will help you pinpoint the right design, size, and material for your floating concrete pontoons.

You can also explore design options, because floating concrete pontoons with wood come in a variety of styles, each with its unique aesthetic appeal.

Our expertise in waterfront infrastructure offers insights into complex technical aspects, including construction materials, buoyancy requirements, and local regulations. This guidance ensures your wooden and concrete floating pontoon meets safety standards and environmental considerations.

Our modular, durable floating concrete pontoons meet current needs and offer flexibility for future expansion and activities, tailored to your requirements.

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Key Points of our premium-grade wooden and concrete floating pontoons

  1. Design

Excellent floating pontoons designs are not just utilitarian structures, but also  integral elements that enhance the overall waterfront experience. A well-designed pontoon becomes an aesthetic centrepiece, seamlessly blending form and function to create visually captivating waterfronts.

  1. Maintenance

The care for floating concrete pontoons with wood maintenance is minimal and this aspect save valuable time and resources, allowing waterfront property owners to focus on enjoying their space rather than constant upkeep. This translates into a hassle-free and more relaxed waterfront experience.

  1. Sink-free

The concrete floating pontoons guarantee buoyancy and stability, ensuring these remain afloat and secure, even in fluctuating water levels or challenging conditions. This reliability is crucial for safety and peace of mind, whether for personal use, commercial operations, or recreational activities. Moreover, the sink-free feature enhances the overall lifespan of the pontoons, as they are protected from potential water damage and structural wear and tear.

  1. Durability

The durability advantages are a testament to their enduring value in waterfront infrastructure. Their robust construction with strong and longevive materials ensure they withstand constant water exposure, heavy use and fluctuating water levels.

  1. Customisation

Our floating concrete pontoons with wood offer high flexibility, with customisable shapes and sizes. Their modular design allows easy assembly and modification, ensuring a perfect fit for any waterfront project

  1. Expert consultancy

Our Expert Consultancy optimise designs for functionality, aesthetics, and cost-efficiency for every project. With their guidance, your waterfront project is streamlined and precise, ensuring success.

  1. Cost effective

Wooden and concrete floating pontoons offer cost-effective benefits, with impressive durability and minimal maintenance. This reduces operational expenses and allows for future changes or expansions. Their eco-friendly designs align with environmental goals, providing enduring value for waterfront property owners.

  1. Environment friendly

Wooden and concrete floating pontoons exemplify sustainable waterfront development. Constructed with eco-conscious materials, they reduce ecological impact. Durability minimises replacements and waste. Sensitive anchoring methods preserve aquatic ecosystems, creating a harmonious balance of function and environmental responsibility.


Q: What is the expected lifespan of your floating concrete pontoons with wood?

A: Our pontoons are built to last 25-50 years, offering exceptional durability and longevity.

Q: How do I determine the right size and design for my waterfront project?

A: Our experts will guide you to assess your requirements and to evaluate the environment factors.

Q:  Can I customise the shape and size of my pontoon?

A: Yes, our floating concrete pontoons with wood offer high flexibility with customisable shapes and sizes, ensuring they perfectly suit your waterfront project.

Q: What maintenance is required for wooden and concrete floating pontoons?

A: Maintenance primarily focuses on the wood components, necessitating regular oiling to preserve its attractive color and integrity, forming a protective barrier against environmental factors

Q: Are Pontech floating concrete pontoons with wooden-deck cost-effective?

A: Yes, Pontech pontoons offer cost-effective benefits due to minimal maintenance and high durability, reducing operational expenses.

Q: Are wooden and concrete floating pontoons designed to be sink-free?

A: Yes, our c